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Signature Spa Treatments

Why not upgrade your dog’s groom & include a spa treatment?

Deluxe Oatmeal & Vanilla Pawdicure £7

Our deep clean paw treatment sanitises your dog’s paws of any germs & bacteria. The oatmeal & vanilla helps to soothe & refresh your dog’s paws & pads. To finish, a paw balm is applied to protect, heal & moisturise your dog’s pads.

Highly recommended for dogs with cracked/dry paws

Luxurious Blueberry Facial £7

Our blueberry facial is the perfect treatment to brighten your dog’s facial hair. This fragrant treatment is massaged into your dog’s face to help clear staining and also adds shine & moisture to your dog’s coat.

Highly recommended for white/light coats & to remove tear stains.

Deep Sea Mudbath Conditioning Treatment

(de-shedding treatment) £10

Our deep sea mudbath exfoliates, re-hydrates
& rebuilds your dog’s coat. We do a full body de-shedding brush out & wash your dog using a de-shedding shampoo in our hydrosurge bath. The deep sea mudbath conditioning treatment is then thoroughly massaged into your dog’s coat for 15 minutes.

Highly recommended for short haired coats.

FurBaby Puppy Spa Package (3-6 months) £5


Babies first spa! Our FurBaby puppy spa package helps to build confidence & trust between puppy & groomer. Your puppy will receive a teeth clean, luxurious blueberry facial and paw & nose balm.



To book an appointment or find our more information please contact us;

Phone 07308621674

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