Nose & Paw Balm 15g
  • Nose & Paw Balm 15g

    This all natural, lightly scented, moisturising nose & paw balm is the perfect soothing treatment for your dog - with no nasty ingredients included!


    The nose & paw balm can be used on dry noses, sore & cracked paw pads, hot spots,  calloused elbows - in fact anywhere on your dog that needs a bit of TLC!


    We highly recommend this product now that we are coming into the winter months - it is a perfect treatment to use on your dogs paw pads after walking on cold, gritty pavements. 


    It is 100% natural and made with hemp, lavender and peppermint oils. Hemp oil contains Omega 3 & 6 which is a great source of high quality nutrients for skin health.